I am well …


Glory to God for all things!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Christ is in our midst!

There has been some concern about the poor little hermit as you have not heard from me since August and the website could not be reached. At the end of my last blog post, I wrote “Dear friends in Christ, I fear that this will be my last blog post for quite some time, as I am about to retreat for God knows how long. ” Little did I know then … That retreat was only the beginning of weeks of monastic “soaking”… God is in charge and may His Name be blessed. I feel like a “pupa” … How long will “this” last? How many weeks, months away from the blog and “civilisation” in general? Please pray for me as I am trying to learn how one can pray for all mankind.

In Christ

PS. I am not back. I am still there …

16 comments on “I am well …

  1. Well that is quite tantalising. Has the ‘soaking’ ended? Are you back? What can you report?

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    • No, the “soaking” is still going … So, I am not back other than very briefly and then back to the monastery …What can I report after long, exhausting days in obediences, especially in the fields, picking olives, almonds, hazelnuts, grapes … you name it … and at nights, long vigils …? Good question. There is an ineffable joy in monastic life but one needs to be very patient and become very humble … Will this answer suffice for the time being? 🙂

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  2. But of course.
    Just one more question. Where are you? It sounds either Mediterranean or southwest USA.
    God’s blessing to you, brother.

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    • Spot on! Very mediterranean 🙂 In Greece … As to how long God will keep me here … His Will be done! God’s blessing to you too

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    • anchoritelady says:

      Peace…..I was thinking and praying for you last night and feel to say that if you are discerning a vocation, it might be best to cut off outside contact during the discernment. I say this, because there can be the pull or lure to leave your discernment. Having said that, the pulls and lures to leave can also be something you have to face and work out too. I say this out of compassion for your discernment and vocation although I am sure you have a Spiritual Father. God bless and may Blessed Holy Theotokos watch over your discernment and calling.

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  3. Maria says:

    Thanks be to God! This blog is always uplifting, inspiring and edifying. Do miss it. May God guide you and keep you under His almighty hand.

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  4. anchoritelady says:

    Peace…..nice to know you are back – however I have thoughts about what you may have left behind. It comes to my mind that when/if you return to the Monastery, you will feel the presence right away of what so deeply calls you there. The first time, one is more distracted of the newness of environment and routine but the next time could be more of a home-coming.

    Having said that, it is possible to bring some of it with you interiorly and in your personal and private situation.

    God bless you in whatever way the Lord is calling…..

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  5. little abouna says:

    Well, you may be there, but you are also here, in our hearts.

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  6. MelissaBishop says:

    Praying for your protection and strengthening in Christ.

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