3 comments on “Shadow and Light

  1. Beautiful, and so appreciated by me, a fellow joyous shadow enjoyer.
    The plant is healthy, and lovingly tended, and I see it has little flower buds on it, and it is reaching upwards, towards the light. 🤗

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  2. Judith Thompson says:

    Christ is Risen!

    Your plant looks very happy and its silver/gray shadow is very lovely and interesting.

    I have to share this with you.
    I imitated one of your ideas, so started watering my container herb garden with holy water and praying as I water;the Thyme has lots of little white flowers, the Sage looks so green with lots of leaves and the Greek Oregano is multiplying. Thank you!

    My husband and I live in the Sierra Foothills (a rural area) in California and our Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Anna is about 1 hour away in Roseville, CA. Feeling so blessed!


    • anchoritelady says:

      Christos Anesti! I particularly enjoyed your comment because I am just now preparing to start a container veggie and herb garden! So, I will try the Holy Water too….thankyou & God bless – keep safe. (Canada)

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