When No Priest is Available


Dear Fathers and Friends in Christ,


God bless you all on this Feast of the Annunciation.  Here is a useful “survival” guide for all those who love Christ and His Holy Church so that the Divine Services may be carried on regardless of one’s ability to attend church. You may have  your own rule of prayer. A timely article due to current world events that could easily result in many Orthodox Christians being cut off from their parish churches, if not openly persecuted. 

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6 comments on “When No Priest is Available

  1. MelissaBishop says:

    I read the article. I find it confusing.


  2. jfreeder says:

    I do not see a link to the article “When No Priest is Available.” Am I missing something?


    • Please click on “guide” after “survival”, on the 2nd line. “Guide” should appear in a different colour. This is where the link is embedded. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you still cannot find the link. My prayers


  3. anchoritelady says:

    Being cut off from our parish (building) will hopefully strengthen our hearts and trust in God. We continue as the community of believers who pray and endure. We are close to the Saints at this time because they also endured many hardships for the Church and the children of God. There is a lot to learn and be thankful for. Think of those who don’t even know about God and that we must pray for them!


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