A little Abouna — Reflections 1

It is better to be with God and tired and at Peace than tired without God and anxious.


Only by God’s grace are we able to bear the little martyrdoms.


The Love of God is a Mystery; not only beautiful and undeserved but also powerful and unreserved.


God gives a special grace to those of faith who live alone. It is the gift of poverty of spirit that knows the need and presence of God.


The deep love of Christ is to be seen in His suffering and hidden in an all-pervading joy in fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

Never expect help!


Not even ask for help! From anybody around you. Only from your spiritual father. And God of course. In prayer. God will give you all the help you need for the challenge in question and He will also send near you all those you need to help you. If that is His Will for you, of course. So, whenever a difficulty arises, do not waste any time and your peace of mind and do not start asking for help, or complaining for not getting any … Let go of all feelings of bitterness and pray! If anybody offers their help, by all means accept it humbly and gratefully, but do not seek, expect or hope for help from others. “Unless a man say in his heart, Only I and God are in the world, he shall not find rest.” (Abba Allois) 

* I was offered this word by S.Silouan today …