A little Abouna — Reflections 1

It is better to be with God and tired and at Peace than tired without God and anxious.


Only by God’s grace are we able to bear the little martyrdoms.


The Love of God is a Mystery; not only beautiful and undeserved but also powerful and unreserved.


God gives a special grace to those of faith who live alone. It is the gift of poverty of spirit that knows the need and presence of God.


The deep love of Christ is to be seen in His suffering and hidden in an all-pervading joy in fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

2 comments on “A little Abouna — Reflections 1

  1. João Carvalho says:

    I am a prest in portugal


  2. a little abouna says:

    The blessing of the Lord and His mercy. Kalo Stadio!

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