At 106 years of age …

At 106 years of age, a Greek yiayia, or grandmother, named Anthi Katsouli stands in her yard every single day and prays for the entire world.

Born in the village of Katarraktis in the region of Arta in Epirus, Northwestern Greece, Katsouli has never left her beloved hometown, which is situated near the stunning Tzoumerka Mountains.

Greek yiayia prays for her fellow man each and every day

The Greek yiayia, who feels moved every morning by the beauty of her surroundings to pray for her fellow man, stands in her yard (which has an incredible view of the two waterfalls on the mountain) each day to do just that.

Yet recently, in a moment captured by her grandson Dimitris, and posted on his social media accounts, Anthi decided to pray indoors.

It was raining and the temperature had dropped significantly. Life in the village, which is located quite high on the mountain slopes, is quite difficult under these weather conditions.

Rather than stepping out into the cold, Anthi stood in her kitchen and opened a window to look out on the stunning mountain range before her.

When Dimitris asked his grandmother why she opened the window, she answered:

“So I can see God.”

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PS. And please forgive my return with two 100+ blog posts … I too am growing older… I feel I am running out of time … Your prayers

“Everything in this life passes away — only God remains, only He is worth struggling towards.”


And: “It is later than you think. Hasten, therefore, to do the work of God.”

Blessed Seraphim Rose

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    Hello Your link to the first article about Anthi Katsouli leads to a page that says it does not exist. Can you fix the link and resend the email? Thank you!



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  3. jobeccarn says:

    I love how she opened the window. this is beautiful. thank you for sharing.

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