On my way to physiotherapy

st raphael's chapel3Saints Raphael, Nikolaos and Irene chapel happens to be literally next door to my physiotherapist’s clinic. I always visit it briefly before my treatment. I pray to the Saints’ to illumine my physiotherapist and bless me with a speedy healing.


st raphael's chapel2st raphael's chapel7

The chapel is one of the many small shrines scattered here and there, in practically every neighbourhood in Greece, an important part of the Greek culture. If a family has a special devotion to a Saint, and most of them have, then they get a licence and build a chapel for the public, in the loving memory of a grandmother or grandfather. This is a responsibility for all generations to come and they pay particular attention to its  being always clean, well-cared and its candles lit, day after day.

st raphael's chapel6st raphael's chapel4

Passersby pause briefly for a respite from their hectic schedule, get inside, light a candle, add their own petitions and always end by offering thanks and prayers for the founder.

st raphael's chapel12st raphael's chapel11st raphael's chapel10st raphael's chapel9st raphael's chapel8

Memory Eternal to Anastasios Tataridis for this chapel!

st raphael's chapel5st raphael's chapel1

2 comments on “On my way to physiotherapy

  1. anchoritelady says:

    Lovely photos! This is the first I heard of a family getting a license to build a chapel in memory of a family member and I think this is such a great idea. We don’t have that in Canada, at least I have never heard of it but perhaps should inquire??

    When you go again to this Chapel, please pray for my family and all souls in the world at this time.

    Hope your physio appt went well for you! God bless; take care & keep safe…..

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