How a Monastic Prays for the World

prayer light

So moving, isn’t it? Prayer is Light! Here is also a link to a time table to pray the Jesus Prayer in the time of the Pandemic crisis. Please consider praying the Jesus prayer for 15 minutes for the world and choose your time slot. It goes without saying that the time zone can be altered depending upon where you are in the world. Please share with your Orthodox friends, especially in the USA and Australia, as there are a few available spaces in their time zones. You can have more than one slot if you like and apparently, there is an option for people to have the same time slot if they use a comma or semicolon but it would seem best to use the available spaces first. Please consider. Our world is parched dry, so thirsty for prayer and the Holy Spirit.

*Photograph from the Ascetic Experience


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2 comments on “How a Monastic Prays for the World

  1. Caroline says:

    Thank you for this link – So glad to join in world wide Jesus Prayer.
    The file name says March 2020. Is there a new sheet for this month or is it ongoing?
    And please is it you organising it or another organisation?
    Thank you! Christ is risen!

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    • He is Risen indeed. The prayer is ongoing until we “pray out the pandemic all over the world” and it is not me who is organising it. I now edited the spreadsheet title. It all started at the Orthodox Holy Cross parish in Lancaster UK. Please check this: I too was invited to it by the parish priest. I can provide more links and details if you are interested. Please share. Thank you. Lord bless


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