A Cardiologist in love with Christ

The Prodigal

A true story in a crowded and very busy hospital

Dear brothers and sisters,

Christ is in our midst!

Yesterday, I had an arthroscopic surgery. My right knee had been bothering me for a little while. I hoped it would go away but after an examination, and discussion with the orthopaedic surgeon who did the same thing on the same knee 10 years ago, we decided to have it done, again! Now the only reason why I mention this fact to you is because yesterday, while undergoing pre-operation checks, in just 5 minutes in a crowded and very busy hospital, I had a special blessing, an amazing “chance” encounter in His Providence of a cardiologist and a neighbour (!) in love with Christ.

In just a few minutes, while doing routine checks on my heart, we got to know each other quite well for such an unexpected encounter. Of course, any cardiologist must be intelligent enough, but how on earth did he guess my love for Christ and my life? It all happened so fast and it took just a few questions. When I left his office, on my way for the surgery, I had in my hands a slip of paper signed by a mysterious Youtube pen name: “KIXEM Euharistimenos”. ‘

Euharistimenos’ means ‘pleased’ in Greek; as to ‘KIXEM’, I am clueless, maybe a wanderer in Arabic? This cardiologist told me that he had started composing poetry and music while doing his specialisation as a medical student, and started his own studio to release his stress from exams. A few hours later, after the arthroscopic surgery and safely back home, while lying flat in my sofa and resting my leg, I searched the links in Youtube and came upon this, Wow! I was not prepared for this! 

This is the doctor, this must be his flat together with his amateur studio in our neighbourhood, and he uses another pen name: Seraphim Rose!

_Passito __ Kixem Euharistimenos

This is the kind of music he composes:

Mostly instrumental, but sometimes accompanied with simple lyrics, stunning images of saints and landscapes, and beautiful prayers and poems for Him. Like this one: “Glory to God”


Or this one: 1 Glory to God equals 1000 Kyrie Eleison (St. Paisios’ saying)


A few others of these Youtube compositions have the titles “A Beggar of Joy”, “A Dreamer”, “In Search of an Honest Man”, “A Breath of Life”, The Prodigal”, “Dance of Paradise”, “Thirst for God” etc. The lyrics are all in Greek but you can certainly enjoy his melodies and his beautiful photographs of Saints, churches and monasteries. Well, this cardiologist may not be Bach, but he is certainly very kind and full of His Love. Is not the Creator blessing the robin’s Doxology like the nightingale’s?  Fleetingly, I noticed how he treated his patients in the hospital: with an otherworldly purity of heart, respect, kindness and compassion. I have the feeling that we might meet again somewhere, in God’s Kairos. Has such an encounter ever happened to you recently? 

Your prayers



6 comments on “A Cardiologist in love with Christ

  1. Maria says:

    Dear Little City Hermit,

    May you be healed through the surgeon’s talent and by God’s will!

    Thank you for this very uplifting post! We could all use some wonderful news such as this! What an amazing turn of events 😀

    This reminds me of our teenage son who shows promise as a composer which brings my husband and I much joy!

    Would you please email me when you get time as a I have a particular prayer request to beg of you?

    Gratefully, Maria

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  2. anchoritelady says:

    There is a reason far beyond us why God wanted you and this musician to connect in this special way. Now you can pray for one another!

    God bless…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Certainly! One reason I can think of was to teach me how important it is to be simple, hidden, quiet and small. Another to marvel at His Providence and miracles awaiting us at each step. So many reasons to offer thanks and glory to Our Father! I find myself smiling, thanking Him and praying for this humble, hidden musician. Cor ad Cor! You are so right!

      God Bless …


  3. Vonifatios Apostolopetrakis says:

    KIXEM maybe acronym for

    Liked by 1 person

    • Indeed. This seems the most plausible from all suggested offered so far. A spiritual father of my heart even visited Homer’s Iliad in search of an answer. He also suggested “Cor ad Cor” to explain what happened that morning: it translates as “heart speaks to heart”.


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