Metropolitan of Morfou Neofytos: ” Saint Paisios as I Experienced Him”

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Moving on — at the request of this blog’s followers — to the second part of the Metropolitan Neofytos’ of Morfou trilogy, an outline of the sacred personality and life of Saint Paisios of Mount Athos as he experienced him. The first part was St. Porphyrios, my previous post, and the third one will be St. Iakovos Tsalikis, all recently canonised modern Greek Saints he was blessed to meet early in his life. It is such a pity that so few of this Metropolitan’s homilies have English subtitles because at every one of them so many “secrets” and holy mysteries of these recently canonised, modern saints are revealed!  Metropolitan Neofytos had complained to God in his youth that he had lost his father too young, and our Lord has “punished” him with 7 Fathers, 3 of which have already been canonised, and the remaining four are all due. Oh, he fathomless, bottomless Love of Our Lord and the Wisdom of His Providence!

Currently, Metropolitan Morfou is under fire and faces persecution and prosecution by both church and state officials, as St. Paisios had prophetically warned him and blessed him to become worthy of the Seven Holy Maccabees’ bold Confession of Faith and Martyrdom, together with that of their mother Solomonia and their teacher Eleazar.

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2 comments on “Metropolitan of Morfou Neofytos: ” Saint Paisios as I Experienced Him”

  1. honingbij40 says:

    Thanks for part 2.
    Truth hits like a heat seeking missile. It burns.

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    • I am glad you found both homilies so useful! I too enjoyed both of them immensely. They felt like a revelation. What I liked best in both was that “detail” about our personal repentance: Metropolitan Morphou’s teaching how we need to identify which is our dominant passion and how to struggle daily against it in repentance. I think I must have heard all this here for the first time ever. But both homilies are just excellent, outstanding. This Metropolitan has truly burned my heart and is in my prayers ever since. May our Lord strengthen him to offer a bold testimony like that of the Holy Maccabees! Especially at such a trying time for him of both persecution and prosecution for simply offering God’s Word in an age of apostasy.


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