Metropolitan Pavlos of Siatista (+2019) A Hierarch of Fire



St. Iakovos of Evia and Metropolitan Pavlos

Suddenly on Sunday 13/1, Metropolitan Pavlos of Siatista, reposed in the Lord. He was a very beloved and respected hierarch of the Church of Greece and a spiritual child of St. Iakovos of Evia. His words, example and advice carry great weight and his talks are filled with true love and wisdom. Below are a brief biography and a wonderful recent talk of his with English subtitles. May he have a blessed Paradise, and may we have his blessing!’

metropolitan pavlos2

His last night he spent in the Monastery of St. David of Evia and St. Iakovos  [my recent pilgrimage] which he loved so much, and until noon of his last day he was near there in Rovies, serving his final Divine Liturgy on Sunday January 13th next to the Precious Skull of St. David.

I had the blessing to attend Vigils with this hierarch at Mikrokastro Monastery and I remember his fiery eyes and voice. Even now, three days after his repose, his holy presence is still palpably felt to all. We feel he is alive in our Resurrected Lord. We experience a gladdening sorrow burning our hearts. *”His head and His hair were white like white wool, like snow; and His eyes were like a flame of fire” (Revelation 1:14) May he pray for all of us. +Memory Eternal!


The video which follows is very important as it reveals Metropolitan Pavlos’ intimate spiritual relationship with Elder Iakovos and relates lots of miracles which he experienced first-hand.
For Metropolitan Pavlos’ life, go here.

2 comments on “Metropolitan Pavlos of Siatista (+2019) A Hierarch of Fire

  1. I only got as far in the video as “we confused our bellies with our hearts” and that is enough of a word to *nourish* my heart for some time!

    Memory eternal!!


    • Dear Gretchen, you did not go very far in the video 🙂 But I do agree with you that this is enough of a word. Sadly, so many of Metropolitan Pavlos’ homilies on Youtube have no English subtitles. I was watching a Lenten one this evening, in Greek, analysing St. Efraim’s Lenten Prayer, and for me the ‘word’ was that “without repentance, there is no value of our Confession, and repentance means to change our lives”. “That is enough of a word to *nourish* my heart for some time!” 🙂

      Memory Eternal!

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