My “congregation”


From left to right:

Say cheese-plant!

Kimberly the cucumber; Basil the Basil plant; Kristian the yellow pepper; Petra the variagated palm; Catharis the server; Irene the peace plant; Tom the tomato plant; Panteleimon the palm 
By a Joyoys Pustinnyk

2 comments on “My “congregation”

  1. Sally says:

    This is a very sweet and tender post.
    I name my plants too, and talk to them.

    I believe that plants can tell when they are loved.
    Your congregation looks very happy and healthy ! 🤗🌷

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  2. anchoritelady says:

    Very nice group! I have the same thing going on on my balcony outside even with grow lights for some added sunshine. I haven’t named them yet, but that’s a good idea! I did put Holy Water them with a prayer and left a prayer card outside too…..God bless – all of you!

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