Mt. Athos To Hold Vigils and Processions Against Coronavirus


Live streaming here

This coming night of Friday to Saturday in the fourth week of Great Lent, on 27/03/2020 at 21:00 (+2 GMT), all Mount Athos monasteries and their dependencies are to serve an All-Night Vigil to the Most Holy Theotokos, the guardian of the Holy Mountain, and to the Martyr Charalambos, known as the healer of infectious diseases. They will thus entreat God’s mercy and grace, and especially the Most Holy Virgin’s intercessions and protective veil, and St. Charalambos’ prayers. The monasteries are also to hold cross processions with relics and wonderworking icons according to our Holy Tradition. The Sacred Community expresses the need to join them especially on that night in their prayers, expresses the need to strengthen prayers and the celebration of the Sacraments during Great Lent and calls on all to repent “with all the power of the spirit of the Lord, the Lifegiving Source overcoming  death.” 

* Please share so that this message reaches as many Orthodox Christians as possible all over the world before this coming Friday night.

* FAQ: Is there a service online we can follow as they pray on Mt. Athos?

No, because it will be simultaneously happening to all monasteries and their dependencies. But we can pray together with the Theotokos Akathist, the Psalter, the day’s Vespers and Matins, St Charalambos Supplication, Typika, the Jesus prayer…. These are just suggestions not meant to be exhaustive…

*** UPDATE 27/3/2020 8pm

Here is the text. In Greek…

Live streaming here

Mount Athos Vigil now

16 comments on “Mt. Athos To Hold Vigils and Processions Against Coronavirus

  1. I have been learning about St. Charalambos, and will join you in prayer this Friday, from Newfoundland, Canada.
    God bless you for praying. 🤗

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  2. ada says:

    where can I view this. so I can inform the rest of my orthodox families


  3. Christina Bourgeois says:

    My 12 year old, my husband, and I will join you from our home in Georgia (U.S.). What specific prayers should we use to follow along remotely? Is there a PDF available in English that we can download or print?


    • May the Lord richly bless you. No specific prayers. Maybe the supplication canon, or akathist to the Theotokos and that to Saint Charalambos. The Jesus prayer. Any prayers really for all mankind.


  4. Elias Grivakos Greer says:

    Where is the link to listen to the service??


    • I am not sure if there will be any link? There will be vigils all over Mount Athos, not a single one in one monastery. I think we are invited to join with our prayers, but I will ask and let you know.


  5. Janet George says:

    What does +2 GMT. mean !?
    thank you !!!


  6. Lisa Whytock says:

    Thank you for allowing us to pray with you. Our Priestmonk Fr Tikhon, who came to us from Mt Athos sent us the prayers and what we were to do. At 1:30 a.m. this morning, my husband and I put olive oil cross on our door as well as hanging a little wooden cross above on the eve. We got word that we were to do this cross on door.

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  7. farmladylisa says:

    Thank you for allowing us to join in these prayers. We were given this information by our priestmonk who originally came from Mt Athos, Fr Tikhon. We were also told to either hang a cross on our door or could not to make the sign of the cross with olive oil. We did so at 1:30 a.m..

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  8. grivakos says:

    I received this message yesterday here in the USA on Facebook.
    Is this message accurate coming from the Holy Mountain??
    Evlogiete !
    “I just read that the fathers’ of Mt Athos are strongly suggesting to us to place a cross above our doors tonight, even if it is with oil. This was from their all night vigil that the world “chimed in” with through personal prayer, as well as being unified with the monasteries of Meteora.
    Edit: this was the original post I saw: “The Holy Fathers of Mount Athos are *strongly* urging all Orthodox Christians to put a Cross on the outside doors to their homes tonight. If you do not have a Cross to put on your door, simply trace one with olive oil on your finger. This is serious, they just barely served the Paraklesis to the Mother of God on the Mountain, these instructions likely came from Our Lady.”


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