Coronavirus Pandemic Prophecy

street blessing with Holy Water in Orthodox Georgia

Street blessing with Holy Water in Georgia

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Christ is in our midst!


As all monasteries have closed to the public in Greece and the faithful attend the church services on-line, our spiritual fathers communicate with the faithful primarily via email. Here are Elder Theoklitos’ from Saint Arsenios Monastery in Vatopedi, one of St. Paisios’ closest disciples, last words:

“These days I am reminded of +Elder Gabriel’s [Mount Athos Dionysiou Monastery] prophecy of biological warfare and Revelation in the 1970’s. We visited the monastery then together with another pilgrim, a very well known spiritual father in Greece I do not want to disclose his identity now. While Elder Gabriel was explaining the frescoes in their Trapeza to us, he paused in front of that of the Second Coming, pointed a detail to us and told us: ‘This stands for biological warfare. I will not live to see this, but you will’. These were his exact words. And indeed with the Coronavirus pandemic, this biological warfare has started. 

Now, it is high time to start seriously repenting, stop judging anybody at any cost –a grave sin which separates us from God– forgive and ask for forgiveness from our ‘enemies’, properly confess our sins and be ready to meet Our Lord at any time because no matter what protection we take for ourselves and our loved ones, we cannot really be protected from this, and nobody knows when our time will come, and when the Lord will call us for our trip to eternity. …”

These two points Elder Theoklitos repeated them twice: in both the brief church homily after the Holy Liturgy –which he never does but Fr Synesios always instead– and in the separate homily he offered in the guests’hall at the end of the church services. Probably because not everybody stays for this longer homily, as they are travelling from afar, he made this exception so that everybody would hear this.

Lord have mercy!


To Be Continued …

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