2 comments on “Memory Eternal – Elder Aimilianos Simonopetritis

  1. nourishinggrace says:

    May the memory of blessed Elder Aemilianos Simonopetris be eternal – a true Light bearer of Christ in this life – may he be numbered among the saints and pray for us. Would it be alright if I repost some of these photos? Did you attend the funeral?

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    • Christ is Risen! Feel free to repost some of these photos. Indeed, Blessed Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra was a true Light bearer of Christ in this life. He will be remembered as one of the spiritual giants of twentieth-century Athos. Eternal memory! My consolation these dark days is reading his books and listening to his homilies. He will be so missed! No, I could not attend his funeral, as much as I wanted to. I am currently “stuck” at the UK, “nailed” on a Mission Impossible by my spiritual Father.


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