Blessing of the Waters in Greece


Greetings and prayers from the parish of St. Photios, Thessaloniki. One of our priests got very excited with the blessing of the Holy Water :-), and a brave young man defied the snow, braved freezing water and swam in the Thermaikos Gulf for the Holy Cross!​




5 comments on “Blessing of the Waters in Greece

  1. What beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Emilia says:

    Brave young man.
    In December I’m always somewhat sour that we will probably never have a white Christmas, but looking at the pics, I’m really grateful for Theophany in summer!


  3. Wow! Blessing a swimming pool! Why not? All your photos are so exuberantly joyful, they make my heart leap. I would like to link to them in this post next Theophany. Thank you for sharing. Glory to God!


  4. You should have seen this brave young man’s face! It was exuberantly joyful and so radiant! Glory to God!


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