Orthodox Miracle The River Jordan Turning Back



Ever since the Theophany of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, this miracle keeps happening in the Jordan River, on this Feast Day, only on this day, once a year: the River Jordan Reverses its Flow!  The calm river literally turns back when the Holy Cross is thrust into, parts start bubling up creating waves and the direction of flow is changed. After the crosses are removed from the water, the direction changes back to normal. I have been ‘baptised’ in the Jordan River myself, not on Theophany, so I have not personally witnessed this, but those friends of mine who have been present there on Theophany Day, all attest to it happening! May we acquire at least Nature’s ‘sensitivity’ before Our Master!


This miracle echoes excerpts from the Orthodox Service for the Great Sanctification of the water, conducted every liturgical year, at the Feast of the Theophany, known as Epiphany:


“Today the Jordan is cloven, and its waters shall be held from flowing, the Master being shown washed therein.

The waters saw Thee, O God, the waters saw Thee; they  were afraid. Jordan turned back when it beheld the fire of the Godhead coming down and descending upon it in the flesh.” 


River Jordan on the day of the Theophany



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