Cephalonia-Ithaka Pilgrimage

On my way  to this summer’s last pilgrimage: Cephalonia-Ithaca for the Dormition Feast




Apologies for being offline through August 31st.

May our Lady bless us and may the Lord keep us in the palm of His Hand until we meet again!


“Sister Begona Miguel of the Huelgas Monastery says:

“San Juan de La Cruz teaches us that silence has its own music; it is silence that enables us to see ourselves and the things around us.

‘I would like to add that there are words that can only be said in silence, odd as that may seem. To compose their symphonies, the great geniuses needed silence – and they managed to transform this silence into divine sounds. Philosophers and scientists need silence.

‘In the monastery, at night, we practice what we call The Great Silence.

‘In the absence of speech we can understand what lies beyond.” (Paulo Coehlo blog, In the Huelgas Monastery)


Therefore, it is time for the little city hermit to embark on yet another quest for stillness and silence. This blog takes a vacation, returning by the end of August, where I will start making preparations for my return trip to the UK.

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Enjoy the rest of your summer.

With lots of love and poor prayers

The little city hermit