Keeping Ison


Dear friends in Christ,

Let me introduce to you my feathered sisters who daily assist me in Matins and Vespers . Please help me with names.

Εν Χριστώ


10 comments on “Keeping Ison

  1. \\o// Mercy & Gracy ………… {Have a great day ! }

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  2. Sally says:

    Beautiful gentle Mourning Doves !
    I agree, Mercy and Gracy are nice names. 🤗🌷


  3. Emily S says:

    Beautiful. I love these little doves. We have similar ones in my neck of the woods, they must be distant family! I like Mercy and Gracie. Their companions, which seems to be Hooded Crows (according to Google’s Book of Birds), does not look very trusting of this restaurant – Thomas and Didi…?

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  4. anchoritelady says:

    Cute little birdies! In the blue shadow in the background, I thought I saw a Blue Jay!! May I ask what kind of plant that is with the pretty pinkish red flowers? God bless…..

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  5. dhfabian says:

    Such nice photos! The mourning doves we have here (northern US) don’t have the “collar” seen here. Also, we don’t have hooded crows here, making the photos all the more interesting to me.

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    • All these comments are making me very happy. For one thing, I am learning new words in English 🙂 Now, my feathered sisters have acquired beautiful names!!! More importantly, I see how birds are making so many people all over the world happy! What a joy! Glory to God for all things!


  6. Emily S says:

    This morning I read a beautiful story about St John Maximovitch whose feast day is today. I thought it so touching and alluding to our conversation:
    Saint John, pray to God for us!

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