A photo diary of little things — 1



Dear brothers and sisters,

Christ is in our midst.

This diary of a Pustynnik started making me really observe and feel grateful for all these “little” things. Here are my three pics for today: a stunning view of Mount Olympus from Thessaloniki upper city, a crow bathing in a rain puddle and a baby cavalier which got lost and I helped walk back home.  Glory to God for all things! Please share your “little things”.

Day #1

crow bathing in rain puddlecavalier



6 comments on “A photo diary of little things — 1

  1. Beautiful ! It is in becoming aware of God’s ‘little’ blessings that we become increasingly closer to God.
    We have two seagull friends that come here every day for a breakfast treat. 🤗

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  2. little abouna says:

    Glory to God for all things. Such lovely photos. The crow reminds me of “Elias” who sits on the Cross on top of our Church.!

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