The Crossing of My Red Sea

shoe nest

About four months have passed since my Elder’s last ‘words’ about my future and my life circumstances have completely changed. Indeed, problems do not merely call forth our courage and our wisdom; they create our courage and wisdom. (I have a long way to go …) How can my Elder (and God) swipe away, with just one move, all my past and present, my job, my possessions, my ‘family’, my ‘home’, my … (you name it!)?

But they can, as I was about to find out the hard way. “No buts — just do as I tell you! God has revealed all that to me (!)” The past four months I learnt first hand the blessings of an Elder’s prayers as he ‘photographed’ and ‘micromanaged’ my single step thousands of miles away.

The sea was parted; I walked on the dry ground and crossed it. And left all my past life behind. What will my future be on this ‘other’ side? I have absolutely no clue, other than I must learn to cling to God and surrender to His Will, as no one has now been left for me, other than Him and my Elder.

Abba Allois said: “Unless a man say in his heart, Only I and God are in the world, he shall not find rest.”

Asking for your prayers…



7 comments on “The Crossing of My Red Sea

  1. Victor B. Olshansky says:

    Dear brother Hermit, Do as he says with much faith and love and you will do well. Trust and obey is all that is necessary. So few do it. You will know and be rewarded without regrets. God bless you, go with God.
    Best wishes in Christ Jesus,

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    • Thank you for your prayers and support. In all honesty, I feel a bit ‘in limbo’, uneasy at times, ‘naked’ and a mere babe suitable for kindergarten and not for such ‘graduate-level’ adventures


  2. a_brother_strannik says:

    You are in my prayers, brother. God walks with you.

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  3. God bless you! I know you will receive all the grace you need, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t scary!! Glory to God for all things. Be strong and of good courage. ❤

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  4. MelissaBishop says:


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  5. Apostle says:

    The journey according our attitude brother can last from a couple of months to the biblical 40 years.
    May God grant us courage to be really His Children and bear our Cross graciously or even grugingly but bear it.

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  6. Carol says:

    Praying with you, dear Brother…

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