A snake dying in the fire


The man saw a snake dying in the fire, and decided to pull it out of the flame. When he did this, the snake bit him, causing unbearable pain. The man shook off the snake, and she fell into the fire again.

The man grabbed a metal pole, pulled the snake out of the flame and saved her life.

Some of the watchers approached the man and said: “This snake bit you, why are you still trying to save her?”

The man replied: “The nature of reptiles – to bite, but this should not change my nature – to help.”

Do not change your essence just because someone hurt you.
Do not lose your good heart, but learn to take precautions …


Source: Orthodox Parables and Stories

One comment on “A snake dying in the fire

  1. Wise words, and good to be reminded – each moment to die to Christ, all our fears, prejudices, judgement, pride, and learn to love and live as Christ loves. Thank you LCH

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