The Butterfly Lesson


“One day a tiny tear appeared on a cocoon. One man was watching the butterfly trying to push her body through the opening. The struggle lasted for hours. Then it looked as though every activity had ceased. It looked as though the butterfly had done all it could and could not move any further. The man took a pair of scissors and opened up the cocoon. The butterfly moved out easily yet her body and her wings looked withered.

The man continued watching. He was waiting for her to flap her wings, hoping they would slowly grow, strengthen and become able to lift the butterfly to the air.

Yet, the butterfly went through her entire life moving painfully and slowly, harboring a wasted body and withered wings. She never managed to fly away.

What this kind man could not understand was that the restricted space in the cocoon and the struggle the butterfly waged served to force the liquids in her body to move towards her wings, so that she would be able to fly away as soon as she would get out.

Sometimes we too need this kind of struggle.

If we go through life without facing any troubles, we will be wasting away. We would not be as strong as we could be. We would never be able to ‘fly away’.


I have asked for strength…

I faced trouble so that I could become stronger

I have asked for wisdom…

I was given riddles to solve

I have asked for a good life…

I was given a brain and a healthy body so that I could work

I have asked for courage…

I was given obstacles to overcome

I have asked for love…

I met people in pain so that I could help them

I have asked for favours…

I was given opportunities

I did not receive what I have asked for…

But I did receive what I needed”.

Translated by Filothei