Good-bye, and thank you (see you at

This is a blogger I cannot recommend too strongly and I shall definitely follow on all her new projects. Καλοτάξιδο, as we say in Greek. Or, Bon Voyage (to the new website), in French 😊

The Jesus Question

I’m sad to remind you that, as I announced in November, I am discontinuing The Jesus Question—but I’m happy to let you know that my new blog, Art & Theology, is now live! Please show me some love and share the URL with your friends and social media followers and “Like” the Facebook page.

Art & Theology website


Art & Theology Facebook page

The Jesus Question started out as a project for a social media class in February 2011. The assignment was to develop a blog in which we were to explore a well-defined subject of interest, the purpose being to enhance our online presence, connect with others of like interests, experiment with web building and marketing, and establish ourselves as an authority in a field.

It may not have achieved a vast reach by professional standards (it gets about 7,000 unique views per month), but I feel pleased with how it was received and what…

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