Uncreated Light in Christian Orthodox Baptism

MIRACLE of the Holy Spirit in Christian Orthodox Baptism and more – Divine Union with GOD Jesus Christ. Christian Graces

A BAPTIZED CHRISTIAN is filled with the Holy UNCREATED LIGHT at the time of her BAPTISM, as evidenced in the pictures later developed. Pictures of Baptism in Orthodox Christian Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.
Father John Bethancourt of Holy Trinity (Antiochian) Orthodox Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico, states;
«The pictures were taken a number of years ago at Holy Trinity (Antiochian) Orthodox Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am the priest in the centre of the picture and I had just completed three baptisms and was finishing the chrismations. The shorter young woman at the left-hand side of the picture (not the one in bright light) was a convert from Judaism, and her father– who is a rabbi– took the pictures. So I know they weren’t touched up in any way.»

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5 comments on “Uncreated Light in Christian Orthodox Baptism

  1. Patricia A Haley says:

    all the links to the video and the baptismal pictures are dead


    • Thank you for pointing it out. I think I have fixed it. I tried to and hope so at least 🙂 Please go to the main link and ignore all the rest still included at the bottom of the youtube link description which I can remove or change. Let me know if that is what you wanted me to do or if you are still having problems with it. prayers


  2. Amartolos says:

    I recently saw this amazing picture and was wondering if it is true what I heard regarding this image: that the person who is filled with the Holy Uncreated Light in this picture was baptized as opposed to the other(s) who were only received into the church via Chrismation?


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