Our Sorrows and Wounds

If you do not learn how to stay calm amidst life’s adventures, you will be constantly vexed, and the cause will be your reaction to what is happening.

So, master the art of staying calm and ‘indifferent’ towards all.

Whatever may come, the greatest temptation and the greatest difficulty and the greatest death, height, depth, whatever that may be, accept it, welcome it; God is in charge, God knows…

Thus, God will synergize with you, so that you enter His Kingdom.

Make peace with life’s adventures.

Whoever does not master how to live and move comfortably amidst difficulties, will never become a man of prayer.

This means that I will not pray for my difficulties to disappear, as most of us do.

But I will pray to make peace with the sorrows and the difficulties that come to me so that I can stay together with God.

From the book About Prayer

Archimandrite Aimilianos of Simonopetra

One comment on “Our Sorrows and Wounds

  1. Gordon James says:

    “He suggested that for me a good starting point would simply be recognition of the fact that I had failed in running the world—in short, acceptance of the fact that I was not God. He also suggested that I might try occasionally to act as if I believed. Somewhere I had heard that it is easier to act yourself into a new way of thinking than to think yourself into a new way of acting, and this made sense in the context of “acting as if.”

    Excerpt From
    Alcoholics Anonymous, Fourth Edition

    I Came to believe. God took me from Idolatry to Sobriety to Orthodoxy. I am accepted and I accept … Thankful, Thankful, thankful HEALED n’ SEALED! HEALED n’ SEALED! Thank God Almighty I’m HEALED n’ SEALED!


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