Christmas Love Letter from God

Blessed f. Eusevios Mamakas in Love with Christ

Blessed Eusevios Mamakas, + 29-08-2011, Kalymnos, a priest in Love with Christ, is reading Christmas love ‘letter’ from God to us, as revealed to him in prayer. A translation of the Greek text follows, bold type added to indicate pappoulis’ moments of tearful pause. Though no translation is really required, since Pappoulis’ sobs are more eloquent than his words.  May we have his blessing!


My children,

Return back to me.

Even in your wretchedness, in your sinfulness.

I accept you as you are.

And I am telling you that I have already forgiven you.

My dear child, allow me to tell you that no person has bigger love for you than mine.

Raise your eyes to Me and see Who is pleading you.

I am Jesus, your Saviour (tearful pause)

Who is coming today to you,

Speaking through the mouth of the most lowly amongst you.

(God is no respecter of persons)

I come barefoot, like a beggar.

In order to ask for your love in return.

I am searching for your heart (tearful pause)

Do not deny it to me. (tearful pause)

Night and day I am stretching my hands to you.

When will you come back to me?

When will you give me your love in return?

Will I ever find any return to My Love in this wilderness, my child?

The whole Creation took place for your sake.

I am your Saint but your age has crucified me again.

I am the One who loves you so much

And yet, I am the One who receives merciless flogging

from this age’s indifference.

I am the Light of the World

Who comes in this dark age

To offer the Light of Life.

May peace be with you.

My children, I am offering you My Peace,

I am offering you the Gift of My Love.

Come to me as you are.

Do not wait to become Saints,

In order to come to Me.

Come to Me, as you are,

Without fear,

I am your Father who is full of Love.

How can some of you doubt my Love?

Come to me all of you who are wandering in this wilderness.

Come to me, pure and clean.

Allow me to rejoice inside you (tearful pause)


Ad Memoriam – A Blessed Priest in Love with Christ 


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